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Hello Techinnovadors, We Are An Economy Building Molecule Which Is On A Mission To Manufacture Innovative Startups, Entrepreneurs & Technology

At Techinnovadors, we are a diverse community of innovators, startups, corporates, and business leads. By building the startups at a foundational level, gaining access to the right stakeholders within government, corporate, and venture funds, we help monetise your ideas. Bring in technology and the need to impact-fully create, identify, drive these innovative visions,
join our ecosystem and become a part of the future of the startup world. We are invading the market with technology and impact!

Our sole mission is to support pre-seed startups and actualize their visions into the world of businesses. Whether it be an idea, a vision or a prototype, what we seek, is the passion to help them grow. Not only do we help in identifying the core strengths and opportunities, but also create a safe space for communication with industry veterans to gain insight, guidance and support throughout their journeys.

As an incubator, Techinnovador will help accelerate your venture and establish it as the big business you wish for it to be.





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Mentors, Industry Experts

No talent , no money, no luck - We believe People take you places. One of our key roles is doing strategic alliances and brining relevant advisors and mentors on the board of the startup. It helps them not do what they aren’t suppose to do.Our board of mentors and Advisors are Industry experts in multiple domains like Life Science, Technology, Finance etc . Having spent time with top companies and bagging relevant experiences , they are available and enthusiastic to work with budding entrepreneurs.


At Techinnovadors we align the interests of both the government and young entrepreneurs. Globally support from government bodies is available however the lack of awareness is an opportunity cost paid by the entrepreneur. We help entrepreneurs apply in a systematic procedure by reaching the right place in the department. Government Tenders, Grants, Infrastructure Support etc is a chapter which is learnt well by Techinnovadors Portfolios.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We want Entrepreneurship to be a religion like any other. We bridge the gap between innovations & Industry. Only success mantra we have is do whatever it takes, learn from the experiences & show up every morning to execute the same. We think Entrepreneurial spirit plays a big role in character building and we become a part of this journey.

Educational institutions

We give access to college students for opportunities within the Start-Up culture. We consult and collaborate with educational institutes to set up and scale up established incubation centres, an all inclusive space to grow from an individual to a team of strong teams.

Vc’s, Investors, Institutional funds

Its not just the capital coming from the investor but the right investor at the right time is the master stroke for a startup. We believe in win-wins deals & strategic investment theory. Acquaint yourself with the right source for Pre-seed/ Seed / Series funding including those of Venture capitalists, Angel investors, Private and institutional funds.

Work spaces , Incubators & Accelerators

Techinovadors acts as an agency Incubator that’ll help you accelerate innovative new-tech business Ideas. Access to co-working spaces and centres for incubation for Start-Ups associated with us.

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